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It's almost bluebell time again!

Hi, how are you doing?

I feel like this has become such a dreaded question – but with a new glimmer of hope on the horizon and lighter sunnier evenings, things are definitely starting to feel more hopeful. It won’t be long before we can all enjoy a good BBQ, beach holiday and an ice cold drink in a beer garden.

You might notice some changes around here. Throughout lockdown, I’ve taken some time to breathe some new life into my website and refresh my blog. I’ll be adding lots more juicy information to help make your photographer session with me that bit more amazing. Grab a cuppa, have a browse and let me know what you think!

Looking ahead to an optimistic summer, I’m hopeful my popular bluebell shoots will go ahead as planned in 2021. I’ll release dates for late April and early May soon – if you’re keen to capture this beautiful time through photos, drop me a message to be the first to know!

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What are the bluebell shoots?

I’m not exaggerating when I say the slots for this unique shoot get snapped up well in advance every single year.

There’s a window of a mere few weeks when these stunning vivid flowers are looking their best. Bluebells flourish from late April to early May, filling woodland floors with a carpet of bright blue and purple tones. This magical time creates an amazing colourful backdrop for your family photoshoot.

There’s only a small window of opportunity to capture these wildflowers in all their splendour, making it all the more special and unique. Another bonus is that they smell incredible. All in all, visiting the bluebells makes for an incredible day to remember.

A family shoot with a difference

Bluebell shoots work a little differently to a normal family photo shoot in a field, forest or countryside.

Bluebells are extremely delicate flowers, and the woodlands tend to be dense which means limited light to work with. For those reasons, bluebell shoots tend to be more static – think less running around, and more natural posing in the perfect spot. I’ll seek out the optimum shooting space with the most natural light and gorgeous flowers, and then we’ll shoot within that.

Bluebell shoots are definitely still child-friendly, although they’re more suited to children who can take some direction due to the restrictions of the space. In regular woodland shoots, there’s ample space to play and run around freely, but bluebell shoots will feel a little more directed. I can also bring along a beanbag for younger children or babies who aren’t able to sit up, to give them support and somewhere comfy to relax.

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Capturing the moment

The right lighting really brings the bluebell’s vivid colours to life. The best time for bluebell shoots is early morning or late afternoon to capture the natural sunlight. On a really bright day, sunshine can create lovely beams but harsh shadows, so shooting either a little earlier or later in the day provides the most flattering light. For even light, a cloudy day works perfectly.

Bluebell family shoots tend to last around 60-90 minutes – including some well-deserved snack time.

Choosing your outfit for the bluebell shoot

The right wardrobe choices can really enhance the bluebells’ natural beauty.

Your shoot background will largely consist of shades of vibrant blue, rich purple and bright green. When you’re picking your outfits, bear these colours in mind! Opting for neutral tones like creams, dusky pinks and light blues will compliment the base colours and really bring them to life in your photographs.

Steer clear of any distracting logos, text, characters or clashing patterns on clothing. For inspiration on choosing the right outfits, head over to my What To Wear to find out more.

Footwear is important too – no one wants the discomfort of super muddy, soggy feet! Closed toe shoes are your best bet for little ones to avoid getting mud, loose leaves or dirt stuck in sandals.

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Conserving their beauty for years to come

Nature is a huge part of my job as a family photographer. I always pride myself on being respectful of the natural world in all my shoots, and ensure we’re never destructive by trampling on or picking any flowers.

Bluebells are extremely delicate. Last year, the National Trust banned bluebell photoshoots on their land due to damage. We’ll ensure we don’t walk over them, sit on them or otherwise disturb them. I’ll shoot from plenty of different angles and perspectives to give the illusion that you’re surrounded by them!

I’ll release more information and dates for 2021’s bluebell family shoots very soon – get in touch to be one of the first to know.

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  • Marion Richardson

    on February 25, 2021

    Great blog Emma! The details on what to wear are very helpful so I can plan our outfits. Fingers crossed for sunshine in those couple of weeks.

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